The MSP Arts and Culture Program brings the arts to the airport.


Charged with a mission to enhance the airport, the nonprofit Airport Foundation MSP developed the MSP Arts and Culture Program in partnership with the airport’s governing body, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). By 2008, the Arts and Culture Steering Committee had created the program's Master Plan to provide a framework for its operations and future initiatives.

The Foundation handles ongoing responsibility for coordination of projects, exhibits, and performances; communication with artists, community members, and project staff; and installation of equipment and exhibits. The MAC provides funding, spaces within the airport, infrastructure improvements to airport facilities, and involvement in all aspects of commissioned artworks that will be a part of airport infrastructure.

The MSP Arts and Culture Program showcases the Upper Midwest’s diverse artistic community, natural environment, and cultural heritage. Multi-faceted, dynamic, and supportive of both internal and external communities, the program delivers arts that transform airport spaces, enhance the travel experience, and create a unique sense of place at MSP.

For all the details about the MSP Arts and Culture Programs, please visit the Foundation's website at There you will find information about MSP's visual and performing arts programs and events.